Investment Theory

In 1947, a pilot named Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in a manned aircraft for the first time. This success helped pave the way for the space program, landing on the moon, and today’s Mars colonization programs. By shattering an invisible wall in the sky, one man and his team helped lay a foundation that changed the trajectory of the human race.

At Audible Ventures, we are drawn to the noise makers. Those who are looking to break the metaphorical sound barriers. “Those who are loud by nature. Those that want to explore what is beyond their comfort zone.” 

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamer of dreams.”
— Arthur O'Shaughnessy in Ode (1874)

We look for founders, teams, and ideas that are the music makers. They are ambitious but humble; they are experts but perpetually learning and evolving. They are truth seekers. They understand that the journey needs to be crafted, molded, and constantly adjusted as goals, life, and energy shift and evolve.  

For teams, investors, and entrepreneurs looking to break the sound barriers of our day, we provide the navigation, direction, and relationships necessary to go louder. To 11.

Managing Partner, Ben Jorgensen

Raised in a family of storytellers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and photographers, Indiana native Ben Jorgensen brings unique perspectives to business and entrepreneurship. Ben focuses not only on helping companies become successful, but in navigating the often tricky journey to get there.

Ben has worked with several startups that were backed by tier one venture capital firms including RadiumOne (Adams Street Ventures, Crosslink, Harmony Partners) and Billing Revolution (SK Telcom, DCM, and Citi Ventures).

Ben’s entrepreneurial track record includes the creation of (2007) one of the first online video platforms that distributed episodic programming, and Klick Push (2012) advertising technology software that created accretive revenue and distribution strategies for the music industry for companies like Sony Entertainment.