The Rise of Alternative Investments - Prediction #13

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By the end of 2017 you will see a 15% growth in alternative investments.

Growing up in Indiana I saw that a lot of people lay out their lives really quickly: people got married to someone they met in high school, they stayed in Fort Wayne, and they built their lives accordingly. Opportunities and exposure to new ideas and new thinking was far and few between - if there were any, they were distant dreams with no real way to get started. “Investment” meant working for your pension or enrolling in a matching program at work, and that was about it.

In Money, Tony Robbins presents a new perspective that encourages people to create their own financial freedom. He provides the tools, knowledge, and transparency in how to build a portfolio of alternative investments. He does this by sharing knowledge from other billionaires, including hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, and disseminating to his audience. In Money, he takes on a new challenge: the redistribution of wealth by giving access to the masses.

Think about how great this is: we live in a day and age where prominent and financially successful figures are bestowing their knowledge to everyone. They are not attempting to hide their success or their secrets to success, because that is not how you build wealth.

I recently invested in a company called Income&. Before this company, individuals and financial advisors would be competing with major institutions to acquiring these prime rated securities, and they always lost. Income& provides a secure and new way for consumers - the masses - the ability to diversify their assets beyond simple locking large amounts of capital into a home or buying into the volatile world of the stock market. It’s Door #3 in a game show that has only ever previously had two doors.

Now, you don’t have to live in San Francisco or New York, or be an investor in Uber, Facebook, or Amazon to diversify your income sources and increase your wealth. Platforms like AngelList are enabling investors the ability to invest in early stage companies (primarily technology); eTrade and online trading platforms provide access to the stock market; KickStarter and its crowdfunding platform is a one way that you can support up and coming ideas and products; and Income& will be a new platform for the everyday investor to access something formerly  accessible only to major institutions.

Between the emergence of new technologies, online education, strategic innovations, and the enforced accountability of these platforms upon businesses, we are in an era where more people have the chance to control their financial destiny in new ways. The barriers to building wealth are being lowered considerably, and we’re going to see investment reflect that, especially in the next few years.

Just as hedge funds backers are beginning to pull money out of hedge funds to try new techniques, and rethink their strategies, so can individual investors - us.