A Year for Learning – Prediction #2

I’m on a journey to make 30 predictions in 30 days – and strengthen my decision making abilities in the process. Join me on the journey by jumping in with your predictions by shooting me an email.

We are always learning, but I have dedicated this entire year towards learning from others. The key to learning is to listen - learning is the action that I can take from effective listening. Learning from others will also allow me to more effectively do what I am most passionate about -  I am connecting people with new ideas, people, and things.

While this sounds more like a statement, it is in fact a prediction that I will learn. This might sound obvious, as we are always learning, so to clear this up and be more specific.  

I spent the last three years building a business and in many ways this prevented me from thinking objectively and disconnecting emotionally. I predict that as part of my learning this year, I will listen more attentively, observe more closely, and think with less emotion.
The funny thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can’t fully learn about what is going on around you and you can’t effectively learn about new things. Unless it pertains to the business or thing you are building,you are constantly pulled into the trenches of your entrepreneurial battle - a battle that you, and only you, are fighting.
This year I want to detach from requiring myself to think of the next business I want to build, detach from the need be emotional ( the “blood, sweat, and tears” required by an entrepreneur), and instead learn from what people are doing around me and more effectively pick up on the signals that people are relaying. My aim is to listen, learn, and connect people based on needs and opportunities that they present my way. I can only really help people when I take the time to tune in, listen, and learn. 

The quantifiable element in this prediction will be how many people I effectively connect to new ideas. Things. People.
Join the conversation with me:  In what new way will you learn and how will you quantify this new found education? Shoot me an email with your thoughts.