We’re Getting Trumped - Prediction #3

I’m on a journey to make 30 predictions in 30 days – and strengthen my decision making abilities in the process. Join me on the journey by jumping in with your predictions by shooting me an email.

Donald Trump will not be the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump running for president is simply a marketing strategy for his next TV show. 

I have to mention Donald Trump if I am going to write about predictions. After all, everyone has an opinion on the topic of “Who Will Become President.” 

I also think it is fun to say “Donald Trump” - oddly enough, when I hear his name I think of Scrooge McDuck. Maybe it isn’t that odd since Scrooge McDuck is Donald Duck’s uncle and both characters have the name “Donald” in them and Scrooge and Trump embody similar character traits as well: Angry, rich, and white.

It wasn’t long ago that we were watching Sarah Palin stand alongside some guy for president. Both republicans and democrats were scared that this woman with seemingly bionic superpowers (“I can see Russia from my house”) could potentially be the second-in-command of the United States. Well, we are on repeat. 

Trump has been in the eyes of the media for decades! His show, The Apprentice, was a huge success and made millions for the reality TV kingpins. He was ripe for the picking with his flowing hair, charismatic racism, and classy attitude. I am actually not sure why Hollywood didn’t try to capitalize on the Trump campaign and make the whole process of running for president into a reality TV show. 

Trump proves that with enough media presence a lot of people’s opinions can be swayed one way or another. I truly don’t believe that Donald Trump wants to be president, he represents capitalism. Like all capitalists, they want to make money - being president puts that on hold (beyond the presidential stipend). 

Power is in the media, not the oval office. By this time next year, our country will go back to normal, flowers will bloom, white picket fences will be repainted for the arrival of spring, we will talk about existential topics with our friends, but the media will keep talking about Donald Trump. The Trumpster will have trumped us all with a new TV show that has more viewers than anyone could imagine (even the Super Bowl).

For everyone’s sake, I hope this prediction is right.